Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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I feel it is an injustice to the hard working middle class people that when we need services we are not allowed because we have a job towards a better life while welfare mothers with up to 10 illegitimate kids and a drug dealer man ask and they get everything on our tax dollars. This is abuse of the system. We cant even get help when we need it because they swallow up all our tax dollars. Everyone should work and if you do not work you should not be allowed benefits. God helps those that help themselves. Unless you are disabled you should not be allowed to sit on welfaie for the rest of your life. This is an injustice. along with receiving any type of federal funds. If you are working nowadays you are no more than a second class citizen to those that dont or abuse the system. Please make a change and help those only who can help themselves then the goverment would have more money and be less in debt. Yes everyone should be drug tested I agree along with a random follow up testing. I agree.
Stop giving hand outs. Make people do charity work and clean up work in their areas to receive benefits.
• I am 64 years old and have worked since I was 13 years old when I started delivering newspapers and giving my dad half my check. Back in the 50’s my dad was out of work from the railroad, he would come home every day filthy from work. When he got laid off from work we got help from the state. We received powdered milk, blocked cheese, beans, rice, spam, potatoes. Today they get everything; I was a bagger in Publix the last 3 years of working. I would get mad when I see, steak, shrimp, crab legs, one lady had two carts full of groceries and driving a brand new Camry. I was making $8.00 an hour and couldn’t afford all these things. There are many videos on tube about people and their welfare abuse. Does the government ever look at these videos! Case in point, one young lady 30 years of age on welfare for 12 years, and proud of it she tells her story as she is playing with her I phone. Another case woman with 15 kids says someone has to pay for all her children, and we will! She also says someone has to be held accountable, “why not her”. I her one lady said she should be on birth control. Hell no, she should have had her tubes tied 12 kids ago!! Anyway I’m too frustrated to type anymore. It’s a shame that honest hard working taxpayers put up with the lazy people of the world. United States is too soft.
I see poor people who are probably drug users wearing brand name shoes at school. This******must end
it has to stop, I see people abusing the system everyday
I work a full time 55 hr a week job go home work a part time 30 hr a week job my wife works we have 3 children pay for them by our damn self they take well over 200 a week from me not including what they take from her for what so i can pay for a bumb who learned how to work our system i think the goverment has the wrong idea about the land of the free not the land of the free loaders im tierd if the bull******u cant feed them dont breed them!!!!!!!
Stop welfare abuse. Worried about crime going up? Use the assistance that has been abused and put it into the hiring of state law enforcement. Enough is enough. My wife and I still have not had a child due to the expenses of having children. Children are not meal tickets. When you have women reproducing as a source of income, they do not look at the child--they do drugs which in turns allow them to collect disability checks for their child's drug related mental and physical issues.
It is frustrating living in a society where people continue to use and abuse the welfare program. Both my husband and I are full time employees. I am a teacher in a title one-high poverty school. My school is 100% free lunch and breakfast. It is sickening hearing children talk about how their mom teaches them how to steal, while living on food stamps, getting housing assistance, free child care, free EVERYTHING. None of these parents work and the mass majority are drug users. As mentioned in previous comments, if I have to take a drug test in order to teach, people living on welfare need to do the same--bi-weekly. Continuing the enable this behavior will only further perpetuate the cycle of poverty because children are leaving from their irresponsible parents that they do not need to work to live. All you have to do when you grow up is have numerous children and you will be granted hundreds of dollars a month without having to ever look for a job. Children are not meal tickets. The students I teach are so jaded and damaged. They are abused, neglected, abusive themselves and have no consequences for their actions, which they have seen through their parents actions. It is imperative that welfare abuse comes to a hault, otherwise our society will only continue to get worse. I am not saying end welfare, I am solely saying..don't make it as easy as it currently is. Bi-weekly drug test, only a certain amount of time to remain on assistance, money is not increased based on the number of children you have. It is sad when you hear parent laugh and joke about how they are "workin" two states at a time. Just today, while in he grocery store, a family of 5 were checking out in front of me. They had an issue with their EBT card and needed assistance. As I was walking to my car, they were parked two cars down from me parked in the handicap parking space. As they were loading their free groceries into their brand new Mercedes, I thought to myself how messed up and out of control this system has become. This needs to end now.
I work 2 jobs to support my family and have never received government assistance of any kind. To get and keep my jobs, I'm subject to drug testing, etc. The same should apply to individuals on welfare or any other government programs. Also, individuals on welfare should not be allowed to purchase expensive meats and seafood our tax dollars. Recently, a man in front of me at the grocery store bought 4 slabs of ribs, 2 large briskets and 6 links of sasauge and 2 prepared potato salads with a Lone Star Card (TX welfare). He then paid for 3 cases of beer and 2 bottles of wine with cash. Can anyone say, "BBQ party on the taxpayers' dollar"? I bought a pound of ground chuck and a sack of potatoes. Something wrong with this picture!!!!!
drug test before and during welfare collection. Test for nicotine too.
all for this