Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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Stop the Chinese immigrants on our welfare fraud. They hired their $1000/ month retirement check, coming to us live on our welfare system. This situation need stop, and audit.
I shouldn't have to pay for people to work the system! Drug test them all and the ones who still receive welfare should have to do "x" amount of hours of community service every week (if they are physical able) or they lose it .
This should be a simple fix and I know we can make a plan to stop this
Make people earn their welfare, bring back Roosevelts WPA fixing our infrastructure. STOP rewarding illegitimate births with paychecks. Make work or community service mandatory.
I know someone personally who quit work voluntarily so they could continue receiving welfare checks. They are the reason for such a corrupt system and no one (the government) is doing anything about it.
Its our tax dollars they are living off of. This system was designed with the intent to ASSIST those in NEED for a short period of time, not to be a source of income. It was designed to help get back on your feet and self-sustaining.
Too many people are abusing the system. I have seen people saying they cant afford their food, prescriptions, and other living expense, but are on welfare so the state helps with food, insurance, and roof over their head. Yet, I see some of them driving rather expensive cars, new model BMWs, Audi, Lexus, and so on.
Obviously if they can afford to buy high end cars, they are able to sustain their own living. The priority is not set straight and this needs to change. We the tax payer, work long hours busting our rear end to break bread at the table and pay ridiculous taxes for people to sit on their rear end at home and not give a care for anything but themselves.
When a women marries a 30 yr old (want to say man but...) lazy person out of prison while he sits on the sofa and they have 5 children before she is 25 yrs. of age, then I have a HUGE problem! I thought welfare was to help people in need for a short while, not keep giving them money and benefits to raise children to do the same. Please give us old people a break. YES, THEY NEED TO BE DRUG TESTED! They are professional scam artist and we are professional hard workers. WE GET DRUG TESTED TO KEEP OUR JOBS TO PAY FOR WELFARE PEOPLE THAT LIVE OFF THE SYSTEM! I will be the first person to help people in need "for a while" but after 5 yrs of baby after baby and you know who you are....give us a break!
This is a travesty on the part of the goverment, there is no incentive for people to work when you send them a check for being lazy..
One company alone.
Food stamp totals on a few items so far this year:
20 oz. Mountain Dew $134,898
12 oz. Red Bull $96,939
16 oz. Monster energy drink $77,381
44oz. Fountain soda foam cups only not incl. plastic $62,793
32oz. Fountain soda foam cups only not including plastic $60,980
20 oz. Pepsi $55,537
16 oz. Red Bull $52,346
Krispie Kreme donuts $48,490
2% Milk Gallon (finally something for the kids) $46,944
20 oz. Coke $45,987

I don't know the totals on candy and snacks or the other sizes of energy drinks but they are also high. Then their cash is used on multiple packs of cigarettes and lottery.
Welfare is just silly, let the people work. Working is for humans, grown men stay home and sit on*****while real men work. Silly humans always being difficult and scared to die.
Welfare has done more harm than good. It has taken away the ability to even think about self-sufficiency or how to survive without it. Not good.
"If I can't buy dog food with my Access card, I'll buy steaks... My dog will eat steaks". That's what I heard. I work everyday and steaks areca luxury not dog food!