Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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Not only should people be drug tested before and while being on welfare, they should also have to do a certain amount of hours of community service weekly. Majority of the people collecting a free check and getting their rent paid are fully capable of working but choose not too!
Department of Human Service are taking children out of neglectful home and none neglectful homes and putting them in facilities such as detention centers in America children are being raped and abused and even disfigureddue to the abuse and negligence facility workers example little boy 12 years old ran away from Children's Village in Pontiac they sent him to the thumb detention facility he got beat with permanent facial disfiguration then they sent him back two children facility Children's Village while the staff at Children's Village tells the children that will happen to you if you run away or disobey all this could have been stopped but us Americans want to live comfortably by avoiding what is really happening all over the world even America there's plenty of cities and States in America that DHS removes children and put them in severe abuse do to staff in facilitieswe are worried about Isis chopping off heads when we are disfiguring children's faces and allowing them to be traumatized so they grow up to be criminals I blame the law people with power and neighborhoods and citizens of the United States in the world for failing her children I pray to the Lord that he protects the children put the end the people that abused in harms them children are the one that need to be punished the irresponsible decision of lawmakers and others of our world should be responsible instead were abusing our children of God
Reward good behavior, not bad! It's that simple.
If you're in unmarried woman with a child move in with a relative no more government dole. Make it a hardship not a handout.
I'm a 8 year military vet and it upsets me to see this country the way it is. I am fully aware that some people truly need welfare like farmers for example. But for these people that belive they are in titled to welfare and drive BMW and jaguar is wrong I firmly belive drug testing mandi tory and you should get up and get a job or get out of america.
Reward good behavior, not bad! It's that simple.
If you're in unmarried woman with a child move in with a relative no more government dole. Make it a hardship not a handout.
I started working at the age of 15, I payed taxes. I was paying for dead beats sitting on the couch smoking pot. Everyone needs to earn a living. Its ridiculous that a 15 year old has a better work ethic than a big percentage of americans.
I am a registered nurse. I have worked in hospitals all over the USA. One thing is common in all of them. Welfare abuse! It makes me furious. I feel like either the government is too stupid to pick up on it or, more likely, they know and they don't give a damn! Either way my blood boils every time a medicaid family comes in with an ipad for each child (some of which are 2 years old), brand new smart phones, designer clothes, and oh yes I hear them talking about their lexus or bwm or any other high priced sports car. WHAT THE HELL! My wife and I make good money but we have to save for months to afford some of the luxuries that is essentially GIVEN to these dead beats who could easily hold down a job, but instead decide to ride the American hand out system. The American dream has changed to system of dependency on the government for food, shelter, communications, and livelihood. Guess what that equates to...SLAVERY. Yep, we are living and seeing the second enslavement of American people. This time not by plantation owners, but by the government. African Americans are disproportionately enslaved in this second coming of slavery and almost happily accept long as they get their payoff. I'm fed up with this system of government. Fix this now or the USA will surely fall apart, especially given the rate at which these hand-out receivers reproduce. I'm not exaggerating when I say it is VERY common for these lazy scum bags to have 6-12 children, who by the way ALL are receiving a tax payer provided paycheck. FIX THIS NOW. I CAN'T STAND IT.
My business is not advancing in any way because we "can't" get anyone to come interview for the job. There's many people unemployed here in town cashing in their welfare checks instead of working. The worse part is that there's more like me waiting see when unemployment and welfare checks run out AND MAYBE we'll get someone to work the vacant positions. The govt needs to be more strict on on the qualifications these Lazy people claim they have in order to get free money!! I need workers and nobody wants to work!! SAD