Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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Enough is enough
Make me mad seeing so many in lines handing out food stamps. Ought to drug test all getting food stamps.
18, 20 years old are not disable and over 50% of cases can work and paid taxes, a abuse are to big and must stop also provide welfare to illegals invent from Dems.
I am tired of seeing two grocery carts full of chips and sodas when I work 65 hours a week and have to be careful to make sure my kids are fed.
I know people who are healthy with no dissabilities and have been abusing welfare and medical for over 10 years. Never had a job. Makes me wonder if the social workers even do their jobs. If these lazy*****people can fill out their monthly paperwork and send it out on time why cant they work?? Help seniors only and forget these lazy asses!!!
I want to know how illegal immigrants are receiving benefits. I see so many hispanics on medicaid and they do not speak english. As an American citizen I think this is wrong and it needs to stop. I want to know what is going to be done about this. It should not be up the tax payers to provide free medical care or food to illegals.
hose who work should not have to support those who don't,and ppl that have retired shouldn't have to sacrifice for them either
All recipients of government entitlements should be subjected to frequent random drug testing, also the parents should be held accountable for their child/ren's behavior having all of their benefits immediately terminated if their child/ren is causing trouble at school or in the community, and I would also like to see an end to generational welfare with very strict time limits for those who are receiving benefits. Also, we need to pay people a livable wage so they're not forced to apply for aide in the first place. And finally, please get rid of the soup-kitchens, homeless shelters, and any other "feel good" organization that is perpetuating this life style.
I don't pay for people who won't try to help themselves. The age of laziness and entitlement is over. It's time to be accountable and take care of your own. NO more government hand outs!
It's disgusting to watch in my community. Women who swear they live alone while there husband is out working. Using cash for luxuries while using tax dollars to pay bills
Generational welfare needs to stop,,put money used for welfare,,to put people to work,people shouldnt have a choice of weather they work or not,,tired of hearing about hungry people and kids,,to damn bad,you dont work,you dont eat,,these women that keep getting knocked up so they have an excuse not to work and so their welfare doesnt ever get cut,,should be told,,the government will pay the bills for one kid,,you have anymore,ur on ur own to pay the hospital bills and to support the kids you bring into this world,,welfare is a **** poor reason to bring another kid into this world,,birth control is cheaper than welfare and if the vatican doesnt like it,,let the vatican start supporting these kids,,,,