Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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I live near Chelsea Ma. There is a grocery store called Market Basket. I see people with EBT cards getting free food buying birthday cakes signed and decorated, shrimp, seafood,steaks while smoking ,carrying Iphones,expensive named brand pocketbooks,clothing,sunglasses,jewelry,shoes with tattoos on their body, gold teeth then go into brand new cars. I have worked since I was 14 years old. I'm from a family of 6 children. My mother never received any government assistance, I had to wear hand me down clothes from my sister who was 9 years older and bigger than me. My husband and I worked all our married life of 38 years , my husband has always worked two or more jobs.We put two children through college and never received any government assistance. I am appalled of the Welfare abuse that is blatantly being done in the United States.The government needs to stay in many stores to witness like in Chelsea Ma ,Market Basket to witness this abuse. My Social Security will not be there , when I retire, because of this abuse.I work with people who get section 8, EBT cards, free child care, welfare checks, living with boyfriends who have full time jobs. They go have theirs clothes washed and pressed weekly, smoke , drink go out to eat at lunch everyday, buying expensive named brand pocketbooks,clothing,sunglasses,jewelry,shoes with tattoos on their body, go out to nightclubs every weekend, buy marijuana. They laugh at us that have to work for everything we work for. What is wrong with this system??? When are you going to wake up. I have never been so disgusted in my life. I am afraid for my retirement money that was taken from me , that I will not see it.
In addition to drug testing, there needs to be a cap on how long you can be on assistance. For food stamps, there needs to be certain items that they are eligible for (just the basics). I work two jobs so that I can provide for my family and NOT have to be on assistance. My part-time job is a cashier at a grocery store. I am sick when I working when I am waiting on customers who are on assistance who are buying more and better quality food than what I can buy myself working two jobs. They can buy frozen lobster tair and king crab legs, the best cuts of meat, etc. etc. Some have huge carts of food full, then the balance on their EBT shows on their receipt and they still have double or triple the amount of money left and came come back a few more times before the end of the month. I have a budget and go grocery shopping once a month. I buy the necessities only. I can not afford to buy meat and some of the other type groceries that the people on assistance can. This just doesn't seem fair? It seems that maybe I could have more if I worked less and depended on assistance.
People need to work or try because they are just lazy and don't want to do crap.
This needs to stop. I hate that all of us hard working people have to pay for everything and work for or things and young lazy people are just recieving it. Also the obama care and what not.
We had friends who had been struggling for a couple years and my husband and I wanted to help their family out. My husband gave him a job and we discounted our rental property to them. Instead of getting off food stamps and free medical care-he decided to live it up and attend the Super Bowl and Masters and moved to a nicer neighborhood. We aren't friends with them anymore.
Welfare abuse and fraud is going to bring down our whole system. To top it off, it has been reported that government workers, sympathetic to those whose unemployment benefits have been exhausted, are encouraging them to claim disability on Social Security. This means benefits of all kind, FOREVER. This is like hitting the jackpot for the non-productive "takers". And it's all at the expense of the producers. And then we have to worry that the funds will not be there when we finally need them in retirement, because they have been abused AND misused. God forbid that someone shouldn't have a cell phone who doesn't put forth the effort to earn the money to pay for one. STOP this insanity!!!
Not only should people be drug tested before and while being on welfare, they should also have to do a certain amount of hours of community service weekly. Majority of the people collecting a free check and getting their rent paid are fully capable of working but choose not too!
Department of Human Service are taking children out of neglectful home and none neglectful homes and putting them in facilities such as detention centers in America children are being raped and abused and even disfigureddue to the abuse and negligence facility workers example little boy 12 years old ran away from Children's Village in Pontiac they sent him to the thumb detention facility he got beat with permanent facial disfiguration then they sent him back two children facility Children's Village while the staff at Children's Village tells the children that will happen to you if you run away or disobey all this could have been stopped but us Americans want to live comfortably by avoiding what is really happening all over the world even America there's plenty of cities and States in America that DHS removes children and put them in severe abuse do to staff in facilitieswe are worried about Isis chopping off heads when we are disfiguring children's faces and allowing them to be traumatized so they grow up to be criminals I blame the law people with power and neighborhoods and citizens of the United States in the world for failing her children I pray to the Lord that he protects the children put the end the people that abused in harms them children are the one that need to be punished the irresponsible decision of lawmakers and others of our world should be responsible instead were abusing our children of God
Reward good behavior, not bad! It's that simple.
If you're in unmarried woman with a child move in with a relative no more government dole. Make it a hardship not a handout.
I'm a 8 year military vet and it upsets me to see this country the way it is. I am fully aware that some people truly need welfare like farmers for example. But for these people that belive they are in titled to welfare and drive BMW and jaguar is wrong I firmly belive drug testing mandi tory and you should get up and get a job or get out of america.