Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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Welfare needs to be Regulated, by the federal government, tired of all these illegal people paying for food. When I go for food, I pay with my hard earned money! Also all states should do drug testing.
I also believe we should have a limit on how many children are allowed to fall under the welfare law. Women are having more babies just to extract more funds from the government. If not a limit on children, then a limit on how long the benefits are granted.
The more we give to people for doing, the more they are going to expect is owed to them. Stop the abuse! Politics only worry about their votes and they are scared if they stop welfare abuse they will get less abuse. America was once strong due to hard work, now its falling apart because people feel they are entitled to receive benefits for doing nothing.
Police the system and would love to see a flat tax .
End public welfare abuse!! Make people work for their benefits
The program is broken. People selling food stamps and wearing expensive clothing while I am paying for it is out of control. When you take away someone's ability to fail, you take away the ability to succeed. None of this is the blame of the kids, but the parents need to be help accountable. Lets offer them jobs and see if they even take them. At least that way society would have a tax paying citizen to contribute. While we are at it, lets quit giving huge tax returns to people who don't even work. Maybe it would give some relief to the people who get up early and stay late everyday funding these broken programs.
Welfare and child support needs to go. Responsibility needs to be enforced on woman.
Drug tested on a continuous basis!
End welfare for the young and healthy.
Time to make this a fair country for hard working Americans.
If they can protest police brutality then we the working people seeing half a paycheck and protest that welfare is killing the working middle class we can't afford to have kids and live but they have no trouble affording there lives off of our money