Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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I feel that if you need help there should be a cap on how much money per month. Other states make people do community service to earn there money that would be a great idea for all states to apply, but if you have proof of a 40hr a week job that does not apply to said person. There are way too many people milking this system. If we don't stop the bleeding, this money system will fail.
Limit number of children
I've started to strongly dislike people that take advantage of the system. The government has enabled this and now they are creating animosity amongst the people. If they want to give away our tax money then do a better job with who you are giving it to. I don't want to hate my fellow American but I hate leaching. Make a change ie. drug tests, time limits to welfare, etc.
any kind of public assistance should be 'TEMPORARY'. no person should be able to get permanent funds. I live in a relatively affluent neighborhood. I found out recently that one of my neighbors is getting public assistance ( both through SNAP and SSI TREAS 310 XXSUPP SEC). to top it all off, they live in a 3000 sq ft home worth at least 300k. there are also 4 other full-time working members of that family. they are always buying expensive items, and have no problem flaunting the fact that they are 'out-smarting' the system. makes me sick to my stomach. they really need to get rid of all these programs.
The dependency is outrageous.
There is a major problem In this country when the people can make welfare a career choice.the worst part is they end up making more then the blue collar middle class American who's money is being taken from them to pay these people just to keep their hands out. I see no problem as welfare as a temporary aid, but I do have a problem when multiple generations in a family make a comfortable living off of it.
The very least should be drug testing. I am randomly drug tested at work just so I can keep my job to pay for this! In addition to this, welfare recipients can do something besides "taking", give back by working for the benefits by working for the government. Also, make these benefits temporary, not for life and definitely not for generation after generation.