Stop welfare abuse

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Stop welfare abuse

If you feel that people should be drug tested before they get welfare from the government please sign this petition , remember its your tax dollars being used for this.

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Hard working tax-payers should not have to pay for those who take advantage of the system. They need to rely on themselves and not the hard-earned money of others.
I'm tired of paying for them
STOP these welfare con-artist by real background checks.Do real investigation by mental and drug testing.I tired of seeing these people keep having babies just so they get more money and free handouts! If they can make babies they can work to take care of them.
I'm all for testing, not only drugs but nicotine and alcohol as well. If you have money to spend on drugs, cigs or booze then you don't need my money to live!
It is votes and that is why it is not taken care of. the more these people get from there liberal buddies it lets these scum bags stay in power. Why isn't this ever brought up in any debates or on the media? it makes me sick that I work my*****off and these pieces of******can sit in there free house driving there free car and cooking there free food. when is it gonna give, that would be never cause they get to vote for these worthless piles that ensure there spots for not doing anything.
I feel it is an injustice to the hard working middle class people that when we need services we are not allowed because we have a job towards a better life while welfare mothers with up to 10 illegitimate kids and a drug dealer man ask and they get everything on our tax dollars. This is abuse of the system. We cant even get help when we need it because they swallow up all our tax dollars. Everyone should work and if you do not work you should not be allowed benefits. God helps those that help themselves. Unless you are disabled you should not be allowed to sit on welfaie for the rest of your life. This is an injustice. along with receiving any type of federal funds. If you are working nowadays you are no more than a second class citizen to those that dont or abuse the system. Please make a change and help those only who can help themselves then the goverment would have more money and be less in debt. Yes everyone should be drug tested I agree along with a random follow up testing. I agree.
Stop giving hand outs. Make people do charity work and clean up work in their areas to receive benefits.